Hi, my name is Judy Wang Lee.


I like to make things.


Ever curious, I enjoy exploring how digital things work and experimenting until I figure it out. Check out the projects in my portfolio to learn more.


I am based in Chicago Abqaiq Taipei Los Angeles.



Featured Projects

design / Development / WordPress

Xponent Audio – Divi Theme

Redesign the WordPress website for Xponent Audio, a B2B manufacturing startup in audio speakers, by using the Divi Theme to create a modern aesthetic and provide more functionality via plugins such as Smash Balloon and Hubspot.

Xponent Audio Project Image
portfolio html css project on github

Design / Development / GitHub

HTML/CSS: Built From Scratch

Design & hand-code a responsive portfolio website from scratch using HTML, CSS Grid & Flexbox, and Javascript to complete the final project in my online UX/Web Design Certificate at Thinkful.

Webmaster / WordPress

LA/OC Audio Society –  WordPress Website

Collaborate closely with Audio Society Officers and update the website regularly with the latest news, articles, and events. 

LA/OC Audio Society Hero Image
Judy Leia Music Homepage

Design / Wix / API

Judy Leia – Music Website

Use Wix to design and create a landing page for a music artist that is populated with YouTube music videos and connected via the Spotify API.